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ALEC In Tennessee

The influence of ALEC in Tennessee from Kappan magazine. LINK
Recent legislation in Tennessee provides a vivid example. ALEC created and provided members its model Virtual Public Schools Act. Two large for-profit corporate providers of virtual education, Connections Academy and K-12 Inc., had heavy involvement with the model bill’s creation. Mickey Revenaugh, a lobbyist for Connections Academy, was the corporate chair of ALEC’s Education Task Force and Lisa Gillis, with K-12 Inc., chaired its special needs education subcommittee that created the bill. Tennessee’s State Rep. Harry Brooks and State Sen. Dolores Gresham, both ALEC Education Task Force members, introduced the bill to their respective houses nearly verbatim, even using the same title. For example, the following passage forms the preamble of the adopted statute. Underlined portions were taken directly from ALEC’s model.


And it has begun. LINK


The political ad wars are coming to Tennessee, courtesy of the big money groups that are dumping millions of dollars into the GOP presidential race.

Restore Our Future, a group backing Mitt Romney‘s campaign, has bought nearly $1 million worth of radio and TV airtime for an ad blasting GOP rival Rick Santorum as “the ultimate Washington insider.” The 30-second spot began running statewide last Tuesday and will continue airing right up to Election Day on March 6.

The ad marks the first spending in Tennessee by so-called “super PACs,” the new breed of political action committees that can raise – and spend – unlimited amounts of money to influence presidential and congressional races.


The Tennessean writes in an editorial in the Sunday paper that we are taking a big step back when it comes to public knowing what the state is doing. LINK

A little over a year into Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration, it may be time to break out the Windex.

Those windows meant to allow sunlight onto how state officials handle your affairs have become clouded and dingy.

Yes, even though the governor on his first day in office in January 2011 stated that “the rule should be, the more you can be in the open, the better,” in numerous ways the administration is moving to reduce transparency in state government.

It isn’t that Tennesseans were not warned. On the same day as the governor made that statement, he signed an executive order eliminating requirements for him and top aides to disclose how much they earn in outside income.


Democratic leaders speak out about the Occupy Nashville bill. LINK

Sen. Roy Herron, D-Dresden, who said he originally expected to vote for the bill, argued against the bill, saying its language is too broad and subject to on-the-spot interpretation. It might cause a law-abiding citizen – like, for example, a hunter in a duck blind warming up some food to eat on public lands – to unintentionally commit a crime, he said.

Other critics voiced disapproval of the bill on grounds that it restricts the fundamental right to assemble for peaceful protest.

“If it were not for protest in this country, we would not have had a civil rights movement, we would not have had people have the opportunity to gain the rights that should have always been afforded to them, the Vietnam War might still be going on if it weren’t for a certain number of protesters,” said Sen. Beverly Marrero, D-Memphis.


Tom Humphrey with a bit of inside baseball in his Sunday column at the Knoxville News Sentinel. LINK

It took about three minutes to deftly destroy the latest effort to impose term limits on state legislators. The maneuver, accomplished with bipartisan collaboration, assures that no term limits can be put in place for another decade or so and that there’s really no record of anyone being against the idea.

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