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Pairing The Actions And Words of Rep. Curry Todd

To link all the reports about the arrest of Rep. Curry Todd on DUI and gun possession charges Tuesday evening would take forever. Hundreds of national/local news reports and blog posts from around the nation have chronicled his arrest by the Metro Nashville Police Department. At last count, more than 400 news stories, which doesn’t even include blog posts, have been placed around the Internet. If you are interested in seeing what has been written, we suggest you search Google. To let you know how rapidly this story spread, a post written by Jeff Woods at Pith in the Wind was shared more than 800 times yesterday on Facebook alone.

There have been numerous posts that have expressed anger and others have focused on the House member’s history in the legislature.

From Sean Braisted, an exchange between Speaker Emeritus Jimmy Naifeh with Todd during the Guns in Bars debate in which Todd sponsored. Braisted has the video. LINK

Oh, yeah, who was the House sponsor of that Guns in Bars bill?  Why, thank you for asking, it was in fact Rep. Curry Todd.
Now, we don’t know yet where Todd was drinking, and whether or not he was packing heat whilst drinking or if it was just in his car, but, regardless, I think its worth pointing out the connection.

The Huffington Post spotlighted a story where Todd made disparaging comments about undocumented mothers in November 2010 while writing of his arrest this week LINK.

“They can go out there like rats and multiply, then,” he responded. He later said that he was “wrong” to use that language and said he should have used the term “anchor babies” instead.

From a presser that Tom Humphrey has at the Knoxville News Sentinel that the TNDP sent out. LINK

Curry Todd said any gun permit violators should have permits revoked for life. From the March 10, 2010 Judiciary Committee meeting:

Rep. Barrett Rich: “OK, that’s just a pressing question I had and just wanted to make sure that is clear. If you get caught doing something with a handgun permit that you shouldn’t be doing, it’s my personal feeling you shouldn’t have a permit anymore.

Rep. Todd: “It’s my personal feeling that you shouldn’t have it forever, you should just be disbanded from carrying forever if your doing it.”

Rep. Rich: “Yes, sir, I agree.”

Rep. Todd: “I have always said that.”

Video here at 29 minutes in.

Todd apologized for his actions late yesterday but it remains to be seen what will happen. There are all always consequences to behavior especially when it comes to aligning actions and words, especially from those elected officials who create laws we must abide by.

Quick Hits:


  • The battle over Title X funds in Memphis continues. LINK
  • Being that yesterday was dominated by Todd headlines, we would like to remind you that Sen. Andy Berke reported to constituents this week 304,000 Tennesseans are currently unemployed. LINK
  • Pres. Bill Clinton thinks that the Occupy Movement can create a strong positive debate. “The Occupy Wall Street crowd basically is saying, ‘I’m unemployed and the people that caused this have their jobs again and their bonuses again and their incomes are high again. There’s something wrong with this country. This is not working for me,’” Clinton said, the Chicago Tribune reports. “So I think it can be a good positive debate.” LINK
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  • Topeka, Kansas has repealed domestic violence laws which is unacceptable. Joe Powell has the story. LINK
  • Nashville writer Mike Byrd is following a non-profit that Tweeted about the Occupy Movement and then took their tweets down. Interesting on a lot of levels. LINK 
  • Tennessee Citizens Action has information on forums designed to answer questions about Photo IDs. LINK