Eviction Notice, Mountaintop Removal And Tennessee Voices


Gov. Bill Haslam has signed the Occupy Nashville camping ban into law. LINK


The Haslam administration gave Occupy Nashville protesters seven days to clear out on Friday, renewing an effort to remove the group’s encampment at the Tennessee Capitol five months after it moved in last fall.

Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill Friday morning banning unauthorized camping on public grounds, and administration officials moved immediately to put the law into effect, posting 120 signs at state buildings across Tennessee officially warning that campers could be prosecuted.


Gail Kerr on the recent political debate about seeking a college education. LINK


It’s suddenly cool for politicians to erect barriers for kids who want to go to college.

The GOP presidential candidate who is leading in Tennessee polls is doing it. Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly are doing it. Are they out of their minds? This weird trend comes at the same time that Mayor Karl Dean has vowed to double the number of Metro high school graduates who go to college.


The Knoxville News Sentinel’s editorial board writes that Gov. Bill Haslam can make things right on the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act. LINK


While running for governor in 2010, Haslam said he opposed mountaintop removal. Now is the time for him to make good on his word. The Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act offers the best opportunity to halt the destruction of coal country mountaintops, and the governor’s leadership could turn the tide in favor of protecting, rather than destroying, one of our most treasured resources. The governor should use all of his persuasive powers to convince lawmakers that protecting Tennessee’s mountains is an investment in the state’s economic future.


Dodd Galbreath writes an editorial on the history and importance of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. He stresses what we can learn from former governors’ administrations. LINK


For example, in the 1970s, Republican Winfield Dunn appointed environmental professionals to his own staff. After Dunn left office, some of these pioneering professionals wrote the law that made our water more usable by businesses and people for the past 30 years (also administered by Davis).

Republican Lamar Alexander routinely met with a Safe Growth Team Cabinet, who integrated job creation with sophisticated policies to protect us from radioactive waste. Democrat Ned McWherter hired Alexander’s advisers, who designed laws that diverted waste from landfills to recycling bins and stopped diverting natural rivers into costly ditches.


Quick Hits
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  •  Nashville scribe Katy Graham is unhappy about the recent controversy with Rush Limbaugh’s choice words for a female law student. She thinks his apology is unacceptable. LINK
  •  Bill Maher is coming to Nashville. LINK
  • The ACLU has joined the Presbyterian Church standing against prison privatization. LINK
  • Tom Humphrey writes in his Sunday column the process of Super Tuesday and GOP delegates.LINK

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