Spiraling Toward Super Tuesday

Bruce VanWyngarden on how national GOP presidential contenders have moved in to the state for the next few days. There one of us, y’all! LINK

But none of us will be able to ignore the big money that will be flooding Tennessee from SuperPacs and campaign organizations for the GOP presidential candidates over the next few days. Millions of dollars will be spent in the state, mostly on television commercials, all designed to convince us that Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or Ron Paul is the answer to our problems.


Andy Axel writes about the bench in Tennessee after the lastest announcement that another sitting democrat will not seek reelection. LINK


It remains to be seen when the tide may turn, but it is exceedingly unfortunate that some of the veterans in the corps are opting out. Given the condition of the statewide party apparatus and the outlook for same, one can hardly blame them.

Does anyone have word on the bench players that have been / are being developed to succeed these folks…?


Pith in the Wind’s Jeff Wood calls out Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey about the amendment that was tacked on to the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act which basically changes the entire bill. LINK For reference on Ramsey’s coal ties, let’s head back to when he was governor and a story from 2010. LINK


Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, mighty defender of King Coal and major recipient of its political cash, went after the press today for coverage of the Senate Republican raping of the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act. In an Orwellian tirade, Ramsey insisted to incredulous reporters that, bygutting the bill with a ridiculous amendment, the GOP actually outlawed mountaintop removal coal mining in Tennessee. Really, no kidding.



Bruce Barry attended Rick Santorum’s visit to Belmont.LINK


The candidate came out, spoke for a while, and we went home. Nothing wrong with that, right? But between the organizational minimalism of the thing and the candidate’s wandering soliloquy of oversimplification and paranoia, this felt like the performance of a frothy ideologue trying out his schtick for a forthcoming lucrative campus speaking tour, not like a serious campaign going serious places. 


Quick Hits

  • The Jackson Sun’s editorial board urges no HOPE scholarship cuts. LINK
  • A letter to the editor in the Leaf Chronicle about teaching tolerance and helping children. LINK
  • Smart City Memphis says that the Photo ID bill is specifically designed to discourage voting. LINK
  • There is a bill to put “pimps” on the Sexual Offender List. LINK

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