The Public’s Right To Know

The Editorial Board at the Knoxville News Sentinel believes that state incentives being offered by the government to businesses need to be available for public scrutiny. LINK

In Nashville today, the state Senate is taking up a bill that would shield from the public’s view details about companies that receive incentives from state government.

These incentives, which have become necessary in the battlefield of economic development, come from tax dollars, yet the Haslam administration wants to shield their recipients from the public eye.

The administration is wrong to provide that shield.

The Governor’s civil service bill has passed it first hurdle. LINK

Gov. Bill Haslam’s bill to overhaul the state’s civil service system won its first House vote Tuesday after a 5-4 vote to kill a Democrat-sponsored amendment.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner’s amendment would have left in place a provision of current law that requires makes seniority the deciding factor in layoffs, with less senior workers fired before those with more seniority.


Early voting began yesterday and R. Neal has everything you need to know when you go and cast your vote. It’s not going to scream the word “convenient” at anyone.  LINK
If you were to forget your photo ID you would still be allowed to vote on a provisional ballot after doing some paperwork. You would then have to take your photo ID to the county election office within two business days and do some more paperwork to have your provisional ballot made eligible for counting.
State republicans thus far have been supportive of Gov. Bill Haslam’s education reform, but they have drawn the line when it come to increasing the size of classrooms. LINK

But this year, when the governor suggested allowing larger class sizes to make way for optional teacher bonuses, his strongest opposition came from an unlikely camp – GOP stronghold Williamson County.

Haslam’s class size bill died Wednesday, 35 days after its introduction.

The Don’t Say Gay bill made it out of subcommittee in the House yesterday. One representative thinks the bill is a waste of time. LINK
“I really don’t know the purpose of bringing this legislation at this time,” House Democratic leader Craig Fitzhugh said. “It looks to me like a solution looking for a problem. This is certainly unnecessary. If it’s unnecessary why do we do it? I think we need to look long and hard at our motives.”


 Quick Hits

  • Read Frank Cagle’s column on the passing political parade and then I would advise you to read it again. LINK
  • Rep. Bill Harmon says he won’t seek re-election in District 37. LINK 
  • Rep. Janis Sontany is also bowing out of District 53. LINK
  • The Governor wants to keep his ECD efforts behind closed doors. LINK

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