Politics Doesn’t End, Even On a Day Of Love


Happy Valentine’s Day and with that said, on to today’s links.


Teachers are talking about larger classrooms and tests. LINK


Several teachers panned Gov. Bill Haslam’s proposal to remove caps on average class sizes to free up local money to pay teachers more in key locations.

“Everyone with common sense knows class size does matter,” said Bridget Riley, who left public schools for a job at Christ Presbyterian Academy after changes to Tennessee’s teacher evaluations. “I can have steady relationships with those students if I’m teaching fewer of them.”



Well done, Rep. Mike Turner. Tom Humphrey has the story about Tennessee’s environment. LINK


House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner of Nashville in a meeting of the Joint Government Operations Committee questioned Martineau about the recent staff shakeup that included the firing of the department’s top solid waste management and water pollution control officials. The director of state parks also announced his retirement.

“With the recent firings and forced retirements, I hope we’re not changing direction here and becoming friendly to the polluters of this state,” Turner said.


Yes, friends, there is an amicus brief on healthcare in Tennessee. Sean Braisted will educate you at his website. What they want to do is invalidate the Affordable Care Act. LINK


So, apparently, if the Obama administration were to have done nothing, health care costs would’ve magically stopped rising significantly? Because, I seem to remember there being a little problem with bloated health care inflation that necessitated action by the federal government in the first place.

Oh, but wait, Haslam has his own novel approach to encourage “healthy choices, personal responsibility and accountability.” Could someone fill a brother in on what that is? Are we talking about their plans to protect negligent doctors from legal repercussions?


Genma Holmes and what happens sometimes behind the scenes. She is letting you know. LINK


After months of listening to many female food services workers share in whispered tones their agony of working in an environment that has been described as being hostile to anyone with “thinking skills”; I finally realized the depth of those conversations when an email from a male supervisor hit the internet in December. It was not that I did not believe anyone but often times the stories shared would remind me of overhearing my grandmother and mother talk about work life in a rural community. 

It was hard to digest that derogatory statements, intimidating attitudes, and a demeaning workplace atmosphere were alive and well in Nashville (a city I love dearly) and being openly discussed in the community that seem to look the other way. I would often ask, “If everyone knows about the plight of the food service workers, then why are we whispering about it?” My question was often met with blank stares but on one occasion an older woman said to me, “Child, the more things change, the more they remain the same”.


Georgina Vines has the latest on races in East Tennessee, specifically Knoxville. Gloria Johnson is also back. LINK


Gloria Johnson, Knox County Democratic Party chair who ran unsuccessfully for state Senate last year, says she is going to run for the 13th House District seat being vacated by a fellow Democrat, state Rep. Harry Tindell.

When she ran for the 6th Senate District seat eventually won by Republican Becky Duncan Massey in a special election last year, Johnson did not initially live in the district. But she rented a home in Powell in the district and put her home on Brice Street up for sale.

“I can’t afford two residences any longer and I have not yet sold my house. I will be living in my house until I can sell it, my house is in (the 13th House District) and I have owned the house for about 15 years,” she said in an email.



Quick Hits


  • Huh and what? I think that Rep. Eric Watson just picked a fight with Occupy Nashville. LINK
  • And Occupy wants an apology. LINK
  • Is Union City, TN going to take another hit. R.Neal with the story about how they lost Goodyear and may lose another plant. LINK
  • Just for fun, what really is a snow day in the South when there isn’t a lot of snow? And what is considered provisions? LINK

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