Coal Slurry Spill Found In East Tennessee

Nashville writer Southern Beale is reporting yet another coal slurry spill in the New River in east Tennessee.

Coal is cheap, we tell ourselves, and it fuels our glorious lifestyle, and government support of clean technology like wind and solar is socialism. And then when the inevitable disaster strikes, we make our poorest citizens suffer the longterm consequences. Oh right, and be sure to tell these poor people living with radioactive, arsenic -laden coal sludge that their health problems are just proof of how irresponsible they are. Any notion they had of getting some kind of access to the world’s best healthcare is just more crazy socialism talk.

Anyone who can’t see how all of these issues are connected is simply lying to themselves. And who is going to solve this problem?

WRCB has more from the Associated Press.

East Tennessee environmental officials responding to a complaint about a grayish-black discharge in the New River from a coal-washing operation have shut down a Premium Coal plant.

A Tennessee environmental agency spokeswoman said in an email Monday that the Baldwin Coal Preparatory Plant in the Devonia community of Anderson County failed to notify environmental officials as required about the Jan. 2 release of the “fine, grayish black material that is made up of shale and rock.” The material is a byproduct of the coal preparation process.

In other news, Tonight, LEAF (Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship) will be services at Christ Episcopal Christ Cathedral in Nashville regarding mountain top removal in Tennessee.

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