Tennessee Writers Respond To Redistricting


Tennessee Talking Points goes district by district in the House writing of whom may be in trouble and who might not with comprehensive analysis. LINK

After looking at the map, I’ve gone through each incumbent 
Democrat’s district and spelled out what these new lines actually mean for their re-election chances. These opinions are my own,based on my knowledge of the state. I don’t have any info other than what’s on the GA’s website. By my calculation, we have 4-net losses in the House.
This article by Tom Humphrey on redistricting is why he is called The Dean. LINK

Whether the work product now on display and ready for rocketing through the Legislature this week meets that standard is as debatable as whether Fox News is “fair and balanced” asrepeatedly proclaimed by the network – at least on the fairness front.

Fairness is in the eyes of the beholder. Or maybe the beholder’s political mindset.

On an objective basis, it’s reasonable to say the redistricting plans are fair enough to make their fairness debatable. Going beyond that is a matter of partisan opinion.


Eric Schelzig wraps up the entire redistricting process around the state. LINK

With the dust settling on Republican plans for redrawing legislative districts in Tennessee, lawmakers from both parties are assessing their future plans.

Democrats say they will offer amendments to the state House and Senate maps unveiled last week, but with vast Republican majorities in bothchambers, it appears unlikely that the proposals will change significantly.

But House members unhappy with the new maps may take heart in the experience of 2002, the last time redistricting occurred in Tennessee with Democrats holding a 57-42 advantage over Republicans in the 99-member chamber. Republicans now hold 64 seats in the House.


Pat Nolan at Capitol View Commentary writes about the presidential debates and redistricting in Tennessee. He finds putting House Reps. Sherry Jones and Mike Stewart in the same district quite curious. LINK

However I would say the case of putting two long-time Democratic lawmakers (Sherry Jones & Mike Stewart) does seem a little strange. Republican leaders said they had to do in order to meet the changing demographics and population increase is southwest Democratic where a new open district has been created which has a combined minority population (black & Hispanic) that presents an opportunity to increased representation for those groups (as they put in redistricting language).

OK, but when you look at the map, you have to wonder why Jones who lives well south of the Cumberland River was drawn into a district with Stewart who lives east of the river. In fact, it appears there is just a little sliver of land encompassing the area that Stewart lives that was moved into the district where Jones is as well. That doesn’t look like demographics, it looks like politics. That’s fine, just call it that; call it an effort to pit two leading Democrats in the Nashville delegation, to try and get rid of one of them from the General Assembly (unless somebody moves quickly).


Sen. Lowe Finney has released a statement on the redistricting process bringing a few things to light. LINK

“The Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting contained no Senators. This process is not something that should be taken lightly, and yet Republican leadership in the Senate seems to be fine with keeping Tennesseans in the dark. We need a more thorough review process that provides the kind of time, attention and open discussion that our local communities deserve.”
Steve Steffens is not happy that the new congressional district has shifted sharply in the city of Memphis. LINK
However, what the GOP has done is to crap on those people who 

have supported Steve the most over the years. It is frightening to me that the 8th District is only six blocks away from my houseand not ten miles away, as it SHOULD be.  Stephen Fincher should have NO part of the City of Memphis; the eastern suburbs will vote for a GOP candidate even if it were RuPaul, but not the CITY.
Given that the GOP did this in secret, they need to be held accountable. 

Quick Hits

  • Last Monday, Gov. Bill Haslam threw a $500 a couple fundraiser for Sen. Kerry Roberts. The next day, he became one of the sacrificial lambs under friendly fire from the GOP redistricting plan. Michael Cass has the story. LINK
  • A new blog from Northwest Tennessee is spotlighting issues indicative to that area. Shehas a question for former Rep. Mark Maddox. LINK
  • I write at Newscoma that we need to start campaigning yesterday and that we may need to think outside of the box this election cycle when it comes to messaging, narrative and strategyLINK
  • The Tennessee Equality Project’s Michelle Bliss and the Family Action Council’s David Fowler went head-to-head on CNN on Friday over the proposed anti-bullying bill being proposed in the state right now. LINK
  • There is a connection between the now-defunct Tennessee Tea Party and box store Hobby Lobby. It’s all in the deeds and JR Lind has the story. LINK

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