Veterans, Spring Hill And More From Rep. Rick Womick

It has been an interesting and contentious year in politics. As we ride out the rest of 2011, it looks as if the Occupy movement isn’t going anywhere yet there is a bit of optimism as the Spring Hill plant is being reopened by GM.

Ted Rayburn at the Tennessean writes about welcoming veterans back into the workforce and explains veterans tax incentives for business. LINK

Employers who take advantage of this program should not only hire those veterans but strive to make them meaningful, long-term jobs. And co-workers of the newly hired owe it to these veterans to make them feel welcome and help them be the productive workers that most of them undoubtedly want to be.

Well, this is weird. LINK

On Friday, Occupy Nashville posted this video, with the somewhat ominous title “Covert surveillance at Occupy Nashville?” It was taken outside the dinner that activists
interrupted briefly in order to hurl “war criminal” charges at former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. In the video, a white van – with magnets that say “NES” affixed to its sides and what appears to be a camera of some sort mounted on its roof – sits idling on the side of the street. Occupy types start heckling whoever’s inside the van for being parked illegally, and there look to be computer monitors and other electronic equipment inside.

Mentors needed. Also I go back to the days of Southern Strategy during the Nixon administration but we don’t talk about that much these days.  LINK

No one can underestimate the impact that Norquist and his ilk have had on politics in the US over the nearly 20 years that he’s exerted his influence. The notion that spending, rather than balancing revenue and expenditures, is the key problem with government, is a reductionist philosophy that may play with folks who don’t want to consider the long-term consequences…until it means they must give something up they hold dear. Then all bets are off.

Rep. Rick Womick … there are no words.   Maybe we should send him a copy of The New Colossus which is wonderful. Really, send it to him. LINK

Otherwise, Womick and Gill spent their time together bad-mouthing Muslims and the liberal media and denying that they’re haters. Womick called the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal’s Sam Stockard “nothing but a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood,” and then Gill pounced on The Tennessean’s Bob Smietana as another example of Muslim lovers in the media.

An interesting exchange between a senator and a retired autoworker at yesterday reopening of the Spring Hill automotive plant. LINK

Autoworkers cheered at Monday’s event as union and company officials quipressed a button to ceremonially relaunch the line at the plant. They also booed and heckled U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., who had opposed bailouts for the auto industry.

Retired autoworker Don Lockhart, 63, confronted Corker after the ceremony about the senator’s stance on organized labor. But Corker was dismissive of the criticism.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Corker said.


Signing the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Act to make sure our mountain tops don’t go topless is a good thing. You can sign the petition. LINK

The bi-partisan Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act would ban mountaintop removal coal mining on ridgelines above 2000 feet in Tennessee. The legislation is supported by religious congregations, conservationists, business leaders and elected officials from both sides of the aisle. With your support, Tennessee can become the first state in the US to pass a ban on this destructive mining practice.


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