Nashville Protests Get National Spotlight

The Tennessee Highway Patrol arrested several protesters around 3 A.M. this morning for not vacating Legislative Plaza. LINK

Some protesters left the plaza but about two dozen refused to do that and were handcuffed and loaded onto buses. No one was injured. One woman did collapse onto the sidewalk and appeared to have a seizure and emergency workers were called.

As the story is moving swiftly, at 6:45 A.M. WSMV is reporting that a Nashville judge says protestors should not be charged. LINK

Tennessee Bloggers React

Did Legislative Plaza become GOP Plaza with new regulations on Occupy Nashville? Sean Braisted thinks so. And he has the goods on the directives being given to protesters. LINK

A new directive, in response to the Occupy Nashville peaceful protests, cuts off access to legislative plaza for those who don’t have the blessing of the Governor’s office.

The Tennessean has been following Thursday’s events at Legislative Plaza. It’s going to cost them to stay. LINK

The Occupy Nashville movement will have to obtain and show proof of liability insurance and also cough up $65 a day in order to comply with new permitting requirements the state plans to begin enforcing at Legislative Plaza tomorrow, according to state spokeswoman Lola Potter.

Nashville’s Mike Byrd links to a story comparing Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Nashville. LINK

The Nation’s JoAnn Wypijewski compares Occupy Wall Street (NYC) to its spin-off Occupy Nashville after speaking with several folk involved in the Nashville protest. She has some deeper impressions than many local reporters have divulged

Roane Views comments on the crackdown. LINK

The Occupy movement has so far been growing and gaining in public support. This may be a bad move on the Governor’s part in the long run. Sending a paramilitary force to mess with a peaceful protest has not worked well in other parts of the nation.

The Occupy Tennessee Facebook page reported this morning that this was just the beginning. LINK

UPDATE: The protesters were released this morning at 7:55 A.M. LINK

In Other News

Unemployment, my friends, has risen in 51 counties. LINK

County non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for September 2011, released today, show that the rate increased in 51 counties, decreased in 32 counties, and 12 counties remained the same.

Tennessee’s unemployment rate for September was 9.8 percent, up from the August revised rate of 9.7. The national unemployment rate for September 2011 was 9.1 percent, unchanged from the August revised rate.

Photo ID rules are being discussed despite what GOP legislators are thinking. LINK

This law is opposed by a dwindling few, of which I am one. (It is beyond me that a politician should tout his own popularity as an indication of the “rightness” of a proposal but whatever.) None of us want our vote canceled by someone who died twenty years ago. Considering where we’ve come from we have expanded the rights of individuals to vote by a large measure. It was the right thing to do. Making election officials more accountable is the right way to fix the problem, not a top-down order from the government that requires citizens to get a photo ID. Make government work better. Attack the scruples of people who rig elections. To blame a principled minority and then give them the definition of the word “suppression” is just typical government patronizing. While you’re attacking the small but vocal minority why don’t you attack the dead while you’re at it. Seems fair.

Steve Ross focuses on that plans are being made to make sure that everything is inline when it comes to scheduling. Budget meetings and fundraisers at the same time. And, alas, who is paying for travel? LINK

But that’s not all the good Governor has on tap. Just hours after I got notice of this meeting I got this invitation to a $500 a head fundraiser for Republican candidate for DA, Amy Weirich.

Now look, I don’t begrudge Amy for doing what any smart politician would do, seek out the biggest name they can get to help raise money for a first term, even if she is a Republican. I have plenty of friends who like her, yadda, yadda, yadda… However I, like my blogfather Steffens, am still waiting for a mythical Democrat to announce for the race.


Quick Hits


  • Occupy Jackson is set for Saturday. LINK
  • The Occupy Nashville arrests have made the New York Times. LINK
  • Jeff Woods and Ron Ramsey. It’s always something to see. LINK
  • ┬áDaily Kos by Illisa Gold is up. As Illisa is an attorney and originally from Nashville, you might want to read this. LINK
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